Introducing Chrome Grab and Go from Dialog

Keep your workforce productive with self-service Chromebooks

  • Need a device for a meeting?
  • Suppose one of your employees spills hot coffee all over their laptop, leaves it on the bus, or out of nowhere, it just dies. What happens next?
  • They’re either going to spend hours, maybe days, on the sidelines waiting for a new device, or urgently need to redirect valuable IT resources to correct the issue.
  • Grab and Go, makes it easy for employees to pick up a Chromebook and get to work in seconds.
  • It is an entirely self-service program designed by Google and built by Dialog to keep your employees productive without the need for any IT assistance.

How it Works:

  1. Self-service: Centrally located racks of fully charged Chromebooks are readily available to borrow by any employee with a corporate account.
  2. Quick sign-in: The employee signs into the Chromebook and the appropriate company management policies are immediately applied upon startup. Thanks to Chrome Sync, all of the employee’s bookmarks, passwords, extensions, history, and personal settings are also available.
  3. Effortless return: When finished, the employee simply logs out and places the device back on the shelf. No resets or imaging are required because Chrome OS encrypts individual user profiles by default and data is wiped at the end of each session.
  4. 24/7 access: Because there is no check-in/out process or need for assistance from the IT department at any stage throughout the journey, devices are readily accessible for employees anytime.

Use Cases:

  • Loaner program: Keep employees productive when they break or forget their device.
  • Frontline Cloud Workers: Easy to share between employees whether on the manufacturing floor or using point of sale workstations.
  • Cloud Workers on the go: Perfect for long business trips or use between meetings on a busy day.
  • Thin client replacement: Seamless integration with popular SaaS applications.
  • Quick meeting device: Keep busy employees moving with devices they pick up for that quick video call.
  • Library device: Configure for one time guest use or public session.
  • Shared devices: Allow employees to share devices across the office.

How Dialog can help:

  • Align the Grab & Go program with your current security policies
  • Customise and deploy App Engine and Cloud Datastore projects
  • Configure and deploy custom Grab and Go Chrome extension
  • Configure G Suite Domain and org unit structure
  • Whiteglove device enrollment & licence management
  • Configure geo-location of stands and devices
  • Admin Console and Loaner Console training
  • Application testing and program success analysis
  • Procurement of Chromebooks and stands

Are you or your company interested in deploying a Grab N Go solution at your organisation? If so, please contact us at for more information - 1800 491 710